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Wednesday, May 04, 2005
Here is a restart

Well, here is to changes. We are going to change the direction and ideas on this blog.

We are going to talk about hobbies, in particuliar, woodworking. I have started getting into this field now and think it might be fun to track my progress with various projects.

Also, my son has joined the Cub Scouts and I have volunteered to be a leader so we will talk about some of these experiences.

In woodworking I have been working with the scrollsaw and with turning. I haven't been real happy with the scrollsawing I have done so far because I couldn't get thin lines as I wanted to. I had a cheap scroll saw. I have now changed to a better one and now I will have to experiment with it for a bit to see how I like it. Got a dragon piece to experiment with and will have to pick up some of the different blades and see what they do.

As far as turning I have turned some spindle pieces just to learn how the lathe and tools work. Then I proceeded to make some pens. That was a trip, but fun. They were not quite as good as I wanted but they were appreciated by all who got one. I have since bought a smaller lathe to turn those on and have redesigned the shop to allow a new workbench for setting it on with the ability to change to other tools as I need to. A little more rearranging and we will try it again.

As for my adventrues with the Cub Scouts I'll cover that later.

Have a nice night all and enjoy life.

Posted at 21:10 by anomdragon
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